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Our journey
throughout the ages

and beyond...

  • 2017: A couple of devs, Agile enthusiasts and close friends got together to create an Agile app
  • 2018: After a ton of interviews and market research, multiple prototypes were created but didn’t work
  • 2019: Finally, ProdGoal was born, deeply rooted in problems of Agile and Product Development
  • 2020: ProdGoal had it’s first MVP release, with a closed Alpha version. A lot of re-work needed to be done
  • 2020: Covid hit hard, and a new need emerged, so part of our resources moved to create
  • 2021: ProdGoal entered private Beta. We pivoted multiple times until we have hit a different and exciting tone
  • 2022: After years of active development and continous interviewing, ProdGoal got launched!
  • Future: Join us on our journey today, and let’s explore together all wonders that await us

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